Pandemic has brought a level playing field in every business and CPG is no exception. With the ever-increasing inflation, margin pressures, and market share challenges, the race to the top is fought digitally.

Key industry discussion points

Intelligent forecasting

Intelligent forecasting leads to consumption forecasting using AI/ML.

AI enabled Supply chain

AI-enabled supply chain enables visibility, agility, and delivery to promise.

On Shelf Availability

On Shelf Availability (OSA) across multiple channels requires a scalable transformational approach.

Omnichannel Strategy and Social commerce smartly aligned with customer-centricity will be the optimal route to Direct to the consumer.

Our Point of View

  • Consumption Forecasting
  • AI-enabled Supply Chain
  • On Shelf Availability (OSA)
  • Omnichannel Strategy
  • Social Commerce

Demand forecasting is the nerve center of CPG business, it’s time to re-design the forecasting of demand to one of consumption.

CBC delivers a digital route to the approach irrespective of the maturity level of the organization. We use macroeconomic factors, weather, and competitor trade promotion, etc. – Post facto to forward predictability.

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Traditional supply chain is challenged with an evolved customer from dynamically changing consumer behavior, different flavors of the channels, and production/skilled labor issues to last-mile fulfillment costs.

CBC delivers an integrated approach for a single view of the chain by building a robust data-driven AI/ML based solution to deliver an ROI-based reduction in costs to increase in revenues.

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Lost sales opportunities are a critical measure for the CPG business. Customer loyalty is based on the availability either on the shelf or in the inventory of the  hyper-local app.

CBC can build scalable OSA solutions that give complete visibility of stock turnover at every customer buy point. This also contributes to stock freshness for the end customer.

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Building an omnichannel strategy involves intrinsic cross-functional efforts, a customer-centric supply chain and insight-driven marketing spend. This paradigm shift needs disruptive technology.

CBC can help you build a personalized customer experience, a digitized supply chain, a modernized customer service, and optimized marketing spend.

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More than 50% of online shoppers have been influenced by an SM review. Today’s customers have evolved by products that align with their sentiments. Consumer behavior has patterns, it’s humanly impossible to scale.

CBC along with its SMEs in the industry can help you scale your Social Commerce by combining the CPG domain and technology to seamlessly integrate the two.

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Our success stories

Our Top-Shelf Stories.
  • How-did-the-CPG-define-their-go-to-market-plans
    CPG Situation

    Growing new revenues through the direct-to-customer (D2C) channel brought new challenges for both business and IT.

    How did the CPG define its go-to-market (GTM) plans? Channel conflicts, mid/last-mile delivery systems needed a complete rehaul and reimagination.

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