Internet of Medical Things, Telemedicine, Immersive Technologies, Digital Supply Chain, AI/ML, Mobile Health, Blockchain, and Genomics – all these innovations stem from Advanced Data Analytics.

Key industry discussion points

Public Health

The impact of Covid will create new opportunities for public health.

Healthcare Policies

Healthcare policies will focus on supply chain control and security in the areas of product manufacturing and distribution.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers will be more tech-dependent and digital proliferation will happen within the industry in a fast pace.

Our Point of View

  • AI in Population-health
  • Digital Consumer Experience
  • Healthcare Automation
  • Digital Supply Chains
  • IoT in Healthcare

AI is making strides in areas such as clinical decision-making, Big Data analytics, resolving operational inefficiencies, enabling early diagnostics in patients, and optimizing admin workflows within healthcare.

At CBC, we expect AI and ML to drive innovation in healthcare while players are currently crafting strategies for emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, RPA, and Blockchain projects.

CBC has a strong presence and combined domain experience in Healthcare Management Systems. Our solutions are tailored to impact business operations, cost, and quality initiatives that patients have come to expect.

Healthcare commerce, Digital experience, and Privacy concerns – all poise a set of new and diverse challenges. With the backdrop of the pandemic, health consumers have become more dependent on technology than ever before. From virtual doctor visits to self-diagnostics, the industry practices have been put to trials in every way.

We see this as an opportunity to deliver on technology promise. Understanding and providing for the level of service expected by consumers, we use FOUR strategies.

Consumer-control, Flexibility & Continuity, Streamlined Customer Journey, and finally Simplicity. CBC is defining the path to take the digital consumer to the next level of experience.

Among the many benefits of healthcare automation are faster access and retrieval of patient data, improved ordering of medicines and diagnostic kits, simpler billing, and insurance administration.

Patients gain from early detection, speed and precision of diagnostics (e.g., Covid tests), improved patient participation in surveys, minimized errors, and enhanced communications across the consumer journey.

CBC focuses on designing and developing solutions that lower the cost of medical care while automating key processes that impact operations and patient care.

Never has the healthcare industry felt the need for a “connected supply chain”. Producers, Purchasers, Providers, Insurance Companies, and Regulatory Agencies – all must work in a consumer-centric environment. This is the need of the hour as response systems in healthcare need to match lightning speeds.

Conventional, manual, and less-connected systems will hamper the quality of healthcare and put patients at the risk of losing the health and care they need in a timely manner.

CBC’s strength in supply chain management and optimization helps all entities in the value chain to enhance their collaboration in a secure and accurate way.

Digital or Connected Supply Chains take advantage of the existing RFID tags and communicate digital information through IoT sensors to the healthcare cloud or private data centers.

This leads to an improved level of visibility, prospects for an integrated ecosystem that’s automated, and the ability to use data across the supporting healthcare frontend and backend enterprise systems (like MES, WMS, ERP, etc.).

CBC is a data-driven, consumer-first digital solutions partner. Our solutions improve forecasts, predictions, and resolve complex scheduling/planning challenges impacting healthcare providers.

Our success stories

Our Top-Shelf Stories.
  • Modern-SOC-IR-Teams
    Healthcare Situation

    A data breach left a large health system that comprised 30 hospitals and 50,000 patients leaving their Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in the wrong hands.

    Modern SOC (Security Operations Center), IR (Incident Response) Teams, Digital Forensic Case Management – all are critical to the well-being, functioning, and securing the confidence of the public they serve.

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