Hyper Automation, Intelligent Routing, Events-based Visibility, Sustainable Operations, Fleet Optimization, Digitized Supply Chain – help transporters deliver on shipper key metrics.

Key industry discussion points

Retraining and Retaining

Retraining and retaining drivers/employees.

Improved Customer Service

Improved Customer service using technology.

Sustainable Process

Sustainable Process Improving Supply Chain Visibility, Supply Chain Financial KPIs, Driver Shortages, and Govt. Regulations.

Our Point of View

  • Inbound & Outbound
  • Logistics Control Towers
  • Modern TMS
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Adaptive Maintenance

First, middle, and last-mile logistics is defining the profitability of most businesses.

Industry 4.0, IoT, 5G, Telematics, Autonomous Driving, Electromobility, Unmanned Aerial Drones, AI for Dynamic Routing, and Supply Chain Tracking & Traceability are turning the industry on its head.

CBC assesses post-pandemic industry scenarios and prepares your operations to fend from impact due to economic uncertainty, varying fuel prices, changes to transportation capacity/costs, globalization, and improvised technology.

End-to-end visibility, Manufacturer’s capacity, Distribution flow paths, Consumer demand fluctuations, and Weather-related disruptions are key factors that determine the operational efficiency of transportation fleets.

CBC designs and builds events-based Supply Chain Control Towers that provide visual dashboards offering real-time capabilities for managing operational and financial KPIs.

Combined with advanced analytics for business insights, we offer digital twins that process scenarios and simulate impact to performance metrics.

The increasing complexity of flows between suppliers, warehouses, stores, end customers, and, of course, the inevitable returns processing. This can create a nightmare universe for those responsible for coordinating the transportation operations.

Multi-collection, multi-delivery, optimization of resources in terms of volume, weight and optimal mileage are unavoidable needs for a shipper. These day-to-day difficulties were not enough, as if, Covid-19 has introduced more variability, uncertainty, and difficulties in planning or maintaining fixed routes, so the flexibility provided by a TMS now takes on vital importance. 

CBC retrofits TMS and modernizes for several use cases using advanced (cognitive) techniques to optimize operations and deliver on profit maximization.

Peak-hour predictions, weather-related disruptions, frequent changes in route guides – all poise challenges to static routing principles.

With advancements in geocodes, traceability on-board, low latency networks (5G), and an increasing number of digital platforms and integration to carrier management systems, the possibilities to provide a dynamic route that’s adjusted for real-world constraints are becoming mature in a fast pace.

CBC helps operators begin with a strategic supply chain network design, flexible last mile delivery, and improved carrier performance metrics such as capacity utilization and cost optimization.

Adaptive maintenance is inevitable. Large fleets have constraints that are man-made from old practices that are mostly rule-based.

Today, assets are farms of Big Data. The ability and upside to harness extreme benefits are easily possible.

Using AI/ML and optimization methods, CBC can reduce your cost of maintenance, improve service levels, better utilization of fleet, and deliver automated scheduling for Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO) to ensure the longevity of your fleets.

Our success stories

Our Top-Shelf Stories.
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    Shippers are reeling out of the Covid aftermath and seeing extreme demand for their products (including on-the-shelves). How is the logistics capacity and availability impacting a shipper’s bottom-line?

    How can you make the most out of your supply chain network strategies? How can you sustain transportation costs for your shippers without leaving their loads on the load-boards?

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