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Big Data Analytics is a process of analyzing large quantities of data to identify hidden patterns, correlations, market trends and customer preferences towards helping business making better decisions.

There are 5Vs to big data, Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity and Value. Volume is measured in Terabytes, Variety includes structured, unstructured, semistructured data sets, Velocity includes time and latentcy characteristics, Veracity describes data quality and finally Value deal is the resulted from the data.

At CloudBC, we engage with the customer on all the 5Vs to provide Descriptive, Diagonostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive analytics. Our teams are well versed in a variety of tools and related technologies to facilitate big data analytics processes to help with the digital transformation journey.

Data engineering is the process of designing and building systems for collecting, storing and analyzing data at scale.

In many organizations, data is generated by different systems with each system having a distinct owner within the organization. For example, one system might just generate information regarding billing and shipping while another system may maintain order history and another one might customer support, behavioral data and other third party data.

Data engineering helps make data more useful ana accessible for consumption of this data. CloudBC data engineers are skilled in a variety of tools to source, transform and analyze data

Data monetization is the process of increasing economic value of data. “Data is the new oil of the digital economy” although a cliché underlines an important aspect of the value of data.

Data is monetized in two ways.

  • Directly as in selling the data to a third party
  • Indirectly as in deriving value by gaining insights from data and using it for prescriptive and predictive analytics

Selling data to third party is not without risks. There are numerous regulations in place.. There is also a strong likelihood that the competition taking undue advantage of this information. CBC helps organizations by organizing discovery sessions and workshops to help make the right decisions when it comes to data monetization.

Data integration is about bringing data residing at various source systems and providing a unified, one source of truth view to the consumers. Taking a step further, data will be harmonized  by reorganizing multiple disparate data sources into a single schema. This data is curated for end user consumption.

We bring significant expertise in data architecture, data mapping, data transformation towards accomplishing the organization data integration goals.

Data visualization is about graphical representation of data including charts, graphs and maps. It makes it easier for the human brain to understand patterns and gain insights.

In earlier days visualization of data relied on tools such as Microsoft Excel and the graphical elements that it provided such as a table, bar of graph chart. With big data, more intricate methods are now available.

Our experts at CBC are adept are various data visualization tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlikview and others. In addition our team of experts have build custom dashboards/visuals using Angular/React JS for numerous clients as needed.

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