Big Data, Preventive and condition-based maintenance, Automated controls to improve network resiliency, Customer interactions, and Platforms to support distributed energy resources/marketplaces are becoming mainstream.

Key industry discussion points

Smart Grids

Smart grids – improving network resilience, safety, and efficiency.

Asset Strategies

Data-driven asset strategies for preventive and condition-based maintenance.

Back-office Automation

Back-office automation and data-driven decision making along with consumer-centric journeys, segmentation, and personalized communication.

Our Point of View

  • Blockchain
  • Intelligent Document Management
  • IoT/IIoT Solutions (with 5G)
  • Drones & UMVs
  • Connected Maintenance

Blockchain creates trust between different entities.
Enablement of trust across a business ecosystem is the fundamental benefit of sharing information securely.

Security of Blockchain-enabled systems by creating an unalterable record of transactions that are encrypted end-to-end.

CBC believes that emerging technology solutions need to deliver on costs. Blockchain solutions reduce the cost of processing through efficiencies. It also reduces manual tasks such as aggregating and amending data, as well as easing reporting and auditing processes.

Enterprise Document Management systems need to provide a platform for multi-variate user personas. Functions like secure file sharing, searching text and images, ease of acquiring the correct version of the document, and automated workflows to support collaboration are central to a good system.

CBC infuses intelligence into the entire document management system. With cognitive techniques applied, document management systems can create the “future of work”. Strong integration to OCR, NLP, data retrieval, and powerful AI-based search capabilities, etc., further build a work environment leading to true data-driven enterprise.

Industrial IoT is fast progressing to deliver unmatched benefits, especially in the areas of Smart Factory. Intelligent machines connected and communicating with other systems (applications or other machines) enable the value realization of digital transformation.

However, challenges include Identity Management, Data Integrity, Network Security, and Partner Interface Security.

CBC builds IoT solutions that are deeply ingrained in data management strategies. Furthermore, adapting Intelligent Analytics delivers improved business insights and real-time correlations with field and shop floor assets to take advantage of the opportunities that’ll be missed otherwise.

Field automation has seen great advantages over the past decade. The proliferation of drones and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) have pushed the boundaries of tracking and tracing to new levels establishing the safety of workers involved in the inspection of these assets.

Concerns remain to be solved especially in privacy, security, and regulatory areas. Accountability, Control & Enforcement have been challenged by a lack of standards and uniformity across jurisdictions.

CBC builds solutions for covered warehouses (a few square miles) to several miles of target operations. Applications include maintaining tower integrity along energy transmission lines.

Unplanned downtime, urgent need for spare parts/inventory, and limitations of manual scheduling of repair and maintenance operations have led to escalating costs of maintenance along with reduced capacity utilization of assets in production.

Using the framework for Industry 4.0 and Connected Maintenance (as part of digitizing assets), organizations can manage their MRO operations efficiently and profitably.

CBC practitioners and industry consultants have seen the challenges in the industry first-hand. Our solutions are transformative and ready from a Change Management perspective. Operations mature to predictive levels using Connected Maintenance solutions.

Our success stories

Our Top-Shelf Stories.
  • Cybersecurity-Geo-political-sensitivity-privacy-and-confidentiality
    Energy Situation

    Need to develop a strategy and business transformation across a global energy services company leading to unearthing realities. Why does the “herd” mentality not work anymore?

    Cybersecurity, geo-political sensitivity, privacy, and confidentiality on the lifecycle of the hydrocarbon products – all create a need to deliver new ideas while preserving the old ways.

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