Our solution helps to automate security and compliance with SOC 2; enabling organizations to have a safe operating environment where sensitive data can be managed easily whilst protecting the interests of the organization, as well as privacy of the clients. Our SOC2 audits have a high accuracy level with an unmatched speed using a scalable compliance automation.

Our solutions

  • Polymorphic Encryption
  • Step ahead Data Governance
  • Workflow-Aware Architecture
  • Continuous Access Control Logs

polymorphic encryption

Our studied approach to data security utilizes multiple encryption and tokenization techniques to ensure optimal security without sacrificing data usability.

Step ahead Data Governance

We provide tailormade solutions as to comply with any organization policies as to who sees what and when. We build and enforce fine-grained data access control system based on any combination of policies, roles, or attributes.

Workflow-Aware Architecture

We manage and protect sensitive data without sacrificing usability, thus allowing to analyze and safely share data without ever decrypting it — or compromising privacy.

Continuous Access Control Logs

We demonstrate SOC 2 readiness with confidence. Our simple yet powerful configuration dashboards and continuous audit logs allow you to showcase your sensitive data governance framework and prove policy enforcement.

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