Our automation solutions help organizations streamline, migrate and automate slow, manual-heavy processes to digital platforms that are built to scale, monitor and update. By automating business processes using modern tools businesses can be agile and by reducing carbon-waste with manual forms and revisions, become a sustainable global citizen.

Our solutions

  • Low Code/No Code
  • RPA
  • DevOps
  • Datacenter Modernization
  • Business Process Automation

The fundamental tenet of the Low-code no-code movement is that technology should facilitate creation not be a deterrent to entry. The rise of low-code no-code platforms that go beyond website creation and ecommerce has enabled startups and enterprises alike to rollout tools for internal and external use in record times. The sheer number of companies who are putting out new tools to help fuel this growth is are raising as well. Though Low Code/No Code helps bring some order to the ”Shadow IT”, we help organizations to define a framework, train and help adopt the low code/nocode platforms to make the most of them.

A critical component of a digital enterprise is RPA, or Robotic Process Automation. At the center of a RPA is a BOT controller that can enable inter application messaging, data manipulation, response triggering, screen scraping etc. to minimize human actions within an organization. RPA can be used to reduce costs, increase agility and enable remote working for global teams.

RPA use cases can span multiple business units and departments from IT to HR to procurement.

We partner with best-of-the-breed platforms in the RPA space and also build bespoke solutions.

Benefits: Accuracy, Consistency, Auditing, Productivity, Flexibility, Reliability, Right Shoring

We help organizations adopt System Reliability Engineering (SRE) and DevOps principles. SRE and DevOps involve IT in each phase of system design and development to automate, and apply engineering practices and tools to operations tasks. DevOps is responsible for availability, latency, performance, efficiency, change management, monitoring, emergency response and capacity planning.

Applying best practices developed at world-class organizations and the active DevOps community, we work with organizations to induce engineering mindset to revitalize the DevOps practice.

The traditional role of IT department as a service provider and a cost-center is transforming to become a service broker and a technology facilitator.

Thanks to the innovations in the cloud and modern datacenter management business are presented with strategic outsourcing opportunities such as data center colocation, ITaaS, DCaaS. This fundamental shift can move resources from an expensive CapEx model to a controllable and predictable OpEx model.

We help organizations explore cloud migration, multi clouds and hybrid cloud options as well as increasing the visibility and control over their data center assets. This will not only increase efficiencies but level the playing field for enterprises big and small.

Our BPA practice will eliminate manual, time-consuming and costly tasks within an organization with automated processes. This can enhance your customer experience by dedicating more of your employee’s time in serving your customers efficiently.

Business Process Automation can also identify redundant tasks that can be either be reengineered or simply eliminated. By redistributing the workload among employees more efficiently BPA can help organizations revitalize their business functions.

We navigate you through these key BPA challenges:

  • System integration projects can be difficult especially involving legacy systems
  • BPA can bring out the fears of job cuts
  • Monitoring and finding the right success metrics

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